Meet with God

As Christians, we desperately need to spend personal time meeting with God. Here’s why:

  • We’re in a relationship with God, not a religion.
  • Relationships require communication.
  • To be healthy, communication must be two-way.
  • We speak to God through prayer, and He speaks to us through the Bible.

Thus, we need to grow in the discipline of spending personal time communicating with God each day, praying to Him and reading the Bible. Feel free to click the materials below for resources that will help you grow in relationship with him.

Dive into God’s Word

Once you get a handle on how to actually spend time with God, we also want to make you aware of some great resources to help you dive into God’s word.

Meet with God Challenge

It’s not easy spending time with God daily when life is busy. However, we can’t let busyness stop us from spending time with God. Use this Meet with God Challenge to challenge yourself to spend 20 minutes a day with God for one month.

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