Addiction Resources

If you are struggling with addiction, our heart breaks for you. There is a way out.  Use the resources below to help your or a loved one find that way out.

Sermon Series – 12 Steps in 4 Leaps

Real Life Stories

Follow the Real Life Stories link in the Materials section to see real life stories that have experienced freedom from addiction.

AA Meeting

  • Thursdays @ 6:30pm at Redemption Chapel
  • All struggling with addiction welcome  – not exclusive to alcoholism
  • For more info email

Families Facing Addiction

Families Facing Addiction (FFA) offers a safe place to be honest about the effects of a loved ones addiction. We provide hope, comfort and direction to the family of the loved one struggling. Shame keeps us isolated and stuck in the problem. The first step towards hope is connection . You are not alone. Come connect with those who are on their own road to recovery from the effects of a loved ones addiction. 

Our FFA meetings happen on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9:30-11am.

For more info, watch the FFA video linked in the Materials section, or email